IRC riders Tyler Pearce (AKA the Vegan Cyclist) and Jeremiah Bishop embarked on an epic adventure to ride the California Backcountry Discovery Motorcycle Route on grave bikes. 

Watch the full film chronicling their grueling and foolhardy venture.


Starting in Yuma, Arizona, Tyler and Jeremiah will ride 761 hellish miles across the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts to Bishop, California. Through unforgiving sand and rock with over 47,488 feet of climbing, this route has never before been completed by bicycle.


Tyler and Jeremiah rode the Canyon Grail outfitted with IRC Boken Doublecross 700x42 on the rear, and IRC G-Claw 700x50 on the front. The Doublecross was chosen for its combination of durability, low rolling resistance, and ability to dig in sand and loose trails. The G-claw was the absolute largest tire that would fit in the front fork; it gave them the volume they needed to help them float over sand and smooth out the 760 brutal miles they would be traversing.


Tyler and JB carried all their own food and gear, but they were supported by a film crew, chef, and mechanic to keep them fueled and ready to ride every day, and to bring the epic story to you.

Watch the full movie, then follow along as Jeremiah and tyler complete three more Impossible Routes later this year. 

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